Please keep this in mind... When you decide to make a purchase.
8 out of 10
"Contractors were never Taught"
"Don't get the Education"
"Just don't Care"
Heating contractor of the Year....
I know this friend that does
Heating & Air Conditioning!

"Yes this is a contractor...
...Good Luck"
I don't need any rope, or straps,
I've got my left hand and can drink
my coffee with the right hand!

" Scary....Who's driving?"
You don't need a limit switch!
This white jumper wire will
work just as well.

Can you say fire hazard"
You don't need tape,
screws or nothing.

"Don't understand? The
room use to be warm"
Yes ma'am, this blower motor
will never need replacing...
or Gas Valve, Inducer Motor....)

"And someone paid money for
this installation"
I get water marks on my

"Weatherization...we don't need any
DIY fix...
Covered hole in bathroom
wall with....Wall Paper!

"I wonder why bathroom
was cold"
We change the furnace filter all the time!

"Here's your problem...A dirty filter..."

Can you show me how to find the filter!
My basement was finished 2 years ago,
and the heat hasn't been the same.

"Old vent left open trapping air below
floor and above ceiling...what else is
My basement never gets water!

"Furnace running under 5" of water
destroys blower wheel"
We don't normally keep any
chemicals near the furnace.

"Harsh chemicals eating up
evaporator coil..."
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Just for Laughs
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