This machine hasn't worked right from the start!

Electrical Tape doesn't make a good vacuum
seal to pressure safety switches...
I don't have much to say with this one

"You get what.. You Pay for..."
Did I mention... You get what...

You never, never  use flexible duct in a Hi Pressure
air conditioner system. How ever you can use in a
standard HVAC, just don't leave 7ft of flex in a 1 ft
run or it collapse...
I don't need any air ducts
cleaning  it's just over rated.

Breath in... Breath out... Cough...

Before Duct Cleaning.
After Duct Cleaning
And Cough again...and again...

Before Duct Cleaning.
After Duct Cleaning.
So you don't think you need Air Duct

"Black streaks show duct leakage... Poor air
flow, upper rooms that don't cool, equipment
runs longer, costing you money"

" Did you know that the average duct work
leaks up to 40%"
I've got Ice dams every winter!!!

"Some Building Performance Testing can
answer your question and take the guess work
out of how to fix that and other problems"
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All rights reserved
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