Faulty air conditioner
breaker in electrical
panel .
Missing insulation
air infiltration into
town home.
Do you have a leaky roof, high energy bills, or a mysterious water leak? Get the answers you need to take corrective
action from our team of certified thermographers.

American Temperature Control provides building diagnostic services using comprehensive thermal imaging inspection.
Equipped with the latest in imaging technology,
American Temperature Control offers a non-destructive means of
assessing and diagnosing the condition of residential, commercial, institutional and industrial properties.
Infrared Thermography is a proven diagnostic technique recommended by the US Department of Energy for identifying
areas of heat loss. Considering your
heating and cooling load can be up to 50% of your actual energy bill, a thermal
scan of your home can identify where those wasted dollars are going-no matter what type of heating or cooling system
you have. An EnergyScan Survey of your home will give you the information you need to start
saving energy. Your
reduced utility consumption will reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well.

Enhanced Survey

Our enhanced survey is a more detailed analysis of your home with the inclusion of a
Blower Door Fan Test on your
home. A
Blower door is used in conjunction with an infrared camera to help further identify your leaky areas and help
you to not only see your
insulation deficiencies but as well as the smallest of air leaks.
What is your house trying to tell you
               About energy, indoor air quality, health for your family?
Leaky air duct...Poor
workmanship, duct
fell apart.
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Ceramic Insulation Coating
Shingles Test. Aug 28, 2010.
Ambient Air 80F, 10:35am
Surface Temp-Coated
shingles 93.7 deg.F
Surface Temp-Uncoated
shingles 145 deg.F
A closer Look at Ceramic
Insulated Shingles.
Reducing you
energy bills.
Air infiltration has lowered the
R-Value in
Fiberglass insulation
on the left, not to mention your
comfort level, while the insulation
on the right maintains high
R-Value with no
air infiltration
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Weatherization Works
Missing insulation in wall cavities do
to raccoons making nesting beds in
Leaky Can lights in Kitchen
and wall cavity air infiltration