Don’t be fooled by price
All duct cleaners are not equal. How will the ducts be cleaned? How many hookups will be used? Will the machines be run with electricity or gasoline? Will the
vents be removed and a power whip be used or will a blower be directed into each vent? What size vacuum hose will be used? Is a video inspection conducted?

All services are not created equal
When you go to the store a can of Libby’s Peas is the same no matter if it is bought at Jewel or Dominicks - price is the deciding factor. In the service industry it is
not safe to assume everyone does it the same way. There is a wide variety of equipment and procedures and no one does it the same way. Before you spend your
hard earned money ask the question how will the work be performed? How long have you been in business?

American Temperature Control has been in business for over two Decades because our customers like the way we do business and so will you.


NBC's Daleline report on Duct Cleaning Scams

They come to your home with the premise of a low price and then switch you to their dual process - deep clean system, for a lot more money. They send out 1
man to do a job that takes 2 men. Then they use a leaf blower and a wet dry vacuum and pretend to clean your ductwork instead of the proper cleaning and
equipment. Good luck getting them back.

Beware of low priced cleaning, if the price is low, how can the quality be high? How can they afford to pay their employees a decent wage and have the best
products and equipment at the lowest price? It's not possible.

There are companies that advertise a low price, and after they arrive the price goes way up. Read the ad carefully and see what is included and what is not
included, and what are their extra charges for.

A low priced cleaning company cannot give the most advanced, guaranteed service for a very low price. Something has to be cut from the service. American
Temperature Control Specialists offers high quality and an all inclusive service with no hidden fees or charges. Call us out for a free in home estimate and we will
give you our price in writing, and we back our work with our guarantee if it's not cleaned to your standards, we'll re-clean it for FREE.

Research by the EPA has determined that system cleaning will allow systems to run more efficiently by removing debris from sensitive mechanical components.

Clean, efficient systems are less likely to break down. They have a longer life span, and generally operate more efficiently than dirty systems.

Duct cleaning will help protect your family from many different allergens discovered in air duct systems and provide dust mite relief.

Breathe easy we're here to help.
Residential Duct Cleaning

We are often called in by home owners when there are allergy or dust problems in a home; basically whenever indoor air quality is poor. We
make sure your home's vents are cleaned completely and thoroughly, and we never leave a mess.Our technicians take apart the vents, clean
the fans and registers, and everything else that can be accessed. Ducts sometimes make turns that make it very difficult to clean them. We
have special tools for accessing the inside of vents that would be inaccessible to other companies. We have a reputation for doing impossible
jobs that are too tough for those "other guys" to do.

Duct Cleaning, Our way...

I. A vacuum hose (minimum of 10 inches in diameter) is attached separately to the supply and then to the return duct (2 separate hookups)
to clean the entire duct system. If only 1 hookup is used, half the system will not be cleaned and in a short time the dirty side will
contaminate the cleaned side.

II. Brushes and electric blowers are very ineffective in duct cleaning, there biggest advantage - they are very inexpensive. Running a Brush
down the ducts from the grill makes an awful mess when pulled back into the room. A Blower directed into the duct will only remove debris
from the consumers view. To completely clean the ductwork a power whip must be fed through the vents and the trunk lines in the basement

.III. A power whip with a high pressure air sweep ball will fit into virtually every inch of ductwork and blast loose and get airborne the
caked on contaminants and debris in both the supply & return ducts which once airborne are carried out by the large industrial 25HP
Vacuum located outside your home or business.

IV. We're removing as much debris as possible from the entire supply and return ductwork to our collection bag, which is attached to our
large industrial 25HP Vacuum outside your home or business.

V. Our vacuum machine is one of the most powerful in the industries, larger than any other company. American Temperature Control is the
only company in the area to use a 25 Horsepower Vacuum. This is a American Temperature Control Exclusive. With our larger engine we
get more suction and air movement than smaller vacuums - giving our customers the best job possible!!

VI. Finally... Have your Dryer Vent cleaned, reduces energy consumption and  prevent the #1 cause of household fires!
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