Furnaces, Boilers complete new furnace installations and repairs.
Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning installation and services.
Indoor Air Quality
Humidifiers, Air Filters, Dehumidifiers, U.V Treatment.
Air Duct & Dryer
One of the most Powerful Duct Cleaning and Sanitizing Systems in the Industry,
design to handle both residential and commercial buildings.
Thermo-Imaging of  Heat, Energy and Water Damage in Buildings
Insulation Coatings
Ceramic Insulating and Specialty Coatings for High performance Insulation and Energy.
Air Duct Sealing
Air escaping through your ducts—an average system leaks 30% to 40%
needlessly increases energy use and can cause severe Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
Heat Load Calculations
Computerized Heat Load Calculations
Maintenance Agreements
American Temperature Control offers comprehensive Maintenance Assurance Plan
plans for scheduled and emergency service. Benefits include priority same day service,
repair and replacement discounts, and no overtime fees.  
Air Sealing
Most homes are poorly sealed and have leaks that rob you of the air you’ve heated and
cooled. American Temperature Control thoroughly seals cracks, crevices and holes in
the interior and exterior of the home to keep conditioned air in and dust, insects, and
noise out.
Energy Audits
Comprehensive Energy Audit to lower you Energy Cost
Building Performance
Comprehensive Building Performance Testing to insure a more Comfort, Healthy, and
Energy Efficiency Home.
Addressing  Building Shell and Envelop Deficiencies for a Healthier, Comfortable, end
Energy Efficiency Home.  
Mold Remediation
Mold inspection and remediation do to high moisture levels, poor ventilation.
I just want to thank you for the
outstanding job you did sealing the
duct work on my home. Over the
summer my wife and I noticed a
marked improvement in the
volume of air flowing through our
home, and it was cooler. We can’t
wait to see how much warmer the
house will be this winter (with
lower gas bills)

I would be happy to serve as
referral for your future customers.
Thank you again for your help.

Dr. John Palmieri
Wonder Lake, IL
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All rights reserved
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