Air Duct Sealing:
One single greatest energy conservation opportunity available today in most homes is sealing leaks in the heating duct system.
heating contractors in the past and present were not generally aware of the importance of airtight duct system, in
many homes it was cheaper to take shortcuts like using floor and wall cavities as a duct system, and did not take great care in
making duct connections. And unfortunately duct tape is great for shipping boxes and other items but not great for duct

The US dept of energy and many utilty companyies studies show the average duct system leaks 20-40 percent. Leaks in return
air ducts draw pollutants from the crawl space, attic or garage into the home. These include dust,
mold spores, insulation fibers,
organic vapors and other contaminants.

Manual duct sealing: Mastic air duct sealing can be applied with exposed ducts like in a unfinished basement.

Injection duct sealing: Like fix a flat for car tires we can inject rubber sealant into you leaky ducts and seal them
Air Duct Sealing
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