Dry and Dusty Homes

Can Make or Brake any Home
Suffering from a Dry House with No Humidifier or operating an older one that requires constant
adjustments to the humidistat as outdoor temperature changes and condensation appears on the
windows. All which can come to an end with a Auto stat Humidifier that thinks for itself and
automatically adjust for designed conditions.

Air Filtration Systems

Changes how You Breath and HVAC Equipment Works
First of all your HVAC equipment needs to breath. A MERV 8, 16 or Higher Filter sounds like a
great product because it stops a lot of particulates from passing throw, Much like particulates
can't pass throw a filter made from a sheet of plywood. You must take in consideration for Air
Flow pressure drop across the filter, furnace/air handler, evaporate coil, and air duct delivery
system. If the HVAC system cannot handle Air Flow (CFM) pressure drop it will damage furnace
or air conditioner, costing money with service calls or equipment replacement. Choosing a Filter
that's right for you can be complecated and confusing. American Temperature Control can help
you with a Standard, Media or  Electronic air filter for your situation. .

Whole House Dehumidifier

Can Save Money

Central Dehumidifier can cut the cost of cooling your home. Much of  your air conditioner job is
to dehumidify the air in the home, after that is to lower the temperature. Both humidity and
temperature plays a roll in your comfort levels.

Freash Air Heat Recover Systems

If your looking for a bit of fresh air without wasting energy a Whole House Heat Recovery
System maybe right for you without any increase of allergy symptoms becuase a ERV or HRV
will filter particulets out of the air and retain 80% of your heating or cooling.
Just wanted to say thank you for
your professionalism and the great
job solving our basement heating
dilemma. Heating Film has exceeded
all our expectations in providing
warmth in our newly finished

      Best Regards,
      Pete & Terri
      Crystal Lake, IL
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Indoor Air Quality
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