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Better Business Bureau Shake Down…

I’ve been in business for over 24 years with zero complaints and the BBB
still have not rated American Temperature Control. Although I’m contacted
by BBB usually twice a year to become a member and if a pay $$$$ my
company will have a great rating. The BBB knows about American
Temperature Control but refuses to rate the company because we are not
a member. I’m thankful that BBB has not giving me their “F” rate because
we refuse to pay the Shake Down $$$ Fee.
March 3, 2010   

Pam Zekman of Chicago CBS Channel 2 News investigates low price duct
cleaning companies who charge hidden and/or additional fees but adverise
discount "Low Price" duct cleaning services. Beware of disreputable
companies who will not provide upfront pricing or detail the work being done.
Jan 8, 2010

Chris Hansen of Dateline NBC (4 Part Series)

Chris Hansen and Buck Shepard (of National Air Duct Cleaning Assosiation)
exposes "Low Price" air duct cleaning scams. Hidden cameras show how
some air duct companies do not do quality workmanship and ripoff
customers of  their money.
ConsumerWise Investigation

Eric Freeman with ConsumerWise expose Air Duct Cleaning Scams