Just wanted to say thank you for your
professionalism and the great job solving our
basement heating dilemma. Heating Film has
exceeded all our expectations in providing
warmth in our newly finished basement.

Best Regards,
Pete & Terri
Crystal Lake, IL
Heating & Cooling
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Heating & Cooling

Old HVAC Equipment is  Like a Old Car.
                                       Big, boxy and heavy steel. It will run forever but
like                                                    grampas old car rides rough with poor gas
                                       If your heating or cooling system is over 15 years old,
                                       you can be sure it's wasting energy. It's time to retire
                                       this equipment and start saving energy with an efficient,
                                       state-of-the-art system.

Size Always Matters (Bigger is NOT Better)
Have you already improved your home's energy efficiency with air-sealing, additional
insulation, and duct sealing? If so, you'll be amazed at how much smaller your HVAC
equipment can be. Bigger HVAC units are definitely not better when it comes to heating
and cooling your house.American Temperature Control will make sure that a new HVAC
system is sized right to match your home's improved energy profile.
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