Air Balancing
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In addition, low air flow adds wear and tear and unnecessary stress on your heating and cooling
system, and reduces the life expectancy of your system causing you to have to replace it sooner at
a significant cost.

Air flow is how energy is circulated from your heating and cooling system throughout your home.  It
directly impacts performance, comfort and efficiency, and fixing an air flow problem will save you
money, as well as make you home more comfortable.

American Temperature Control will test for proper air flow in your heating and cooling system, and
make recommendations for improvements if you have a problem with your home energy savings
during our
Home Energy Checkup and Audit.

Once it's determined that your HVAC system
has the proper amount of air flow, a Duct
Blaster test can be done to find duct leaks.

Duct Blaster

Once American Temperature Control has determined your heating and cooling system has the
proper amount of airflow, a test that can be done to determine where the duct leaks are located is
called a
Duct Blaster test.  In this test, we can accurately measure the leakage of the ductwork.  
The test is similar to a leak test on a plumbing system.
A small fan is used to pressurize your duct system and a calibrated pressure gauge is used to
measure the air leakage of your ductwork.
HVAC Air Flow Testing

According to the Dept of Energy many Heating and Air Conditioning Systems have efficiencies that are only 60 to 75% because
of insufficient air flow through the duct system.  Why does this matter?  For example, your air conditioning system has a cold
coil that air blows through to get cool, much like how a radiator works.  But if their isn't enough air going through it because of
ductwork that is too small or has restrictions, then your system will not work efficiently, and cost you more money in electricity
bills.  The same hold true for heating, and will cost you more money in fuel bills.